Kendra Hailey

Postdoctoral Scholar

email: khailey (at)



I'm interested in the regulation of the IL-1 family of proteins.


Plocinik, R. M.; Li, S.; Liu, T.; Hailey, K. L.; Whitehouse, J.; Ma, C.-T.; Fu, X.-D.; Gosh, G.; Woods Jr, V. L.; Jennings, P. A.; Adams, J. A., Regulating SR Protein Phosphorylation through Regions Outside the Kinase Domain of SRPK1. Journal of Molecular Biology 2011, 410 (1), 131-145.

Hailey, K. L.; Li, S.; Andersen, M. D.; Roy, M.; Woods, V. L.; Jennings, P. A., Pro-interleukin (IL)-1 beta Shares a Core Region of Stability as Compared with Mature IL-1 beta While Maintaining a Distinctly Different Configurational Landscape A COMPARATIVE HYDROGEN/DEUTERIUM EXCHANGE MASS SPECTROMETRY STUDY. Journal of Biological Chemistry 2009, 284 (38), 26137-26148;